Well-Being Day – 9th March 2023

Amalfi Whites, Melbourne, Derbyshire


This immersive day with include two sessions of exercise.

The morning session will be fun move your body session and in the afternoon we will focus on pilates/yoga sessions specifically designed with Brain Health in mind.

Many women report increased forgetfulness and “brain fog” during the menopausal transition. All women eventually undergo menopause, but there is a large age range for when it begins (from late 40s to early 60s), and substantial variation in women’s experience of its impact. There is also the fear of contracting Dementia.

We will discuss the ways lifestyle changes can help you to avoid brain decline in the Post menopausal years.

Also in the afternoon we will be add on an extended meditation session again focussing on relaxation to de-stress the mind, so please feel free to bring your rugs and cushions for this.

Both sessions have been carefully designed to support the well-being of the Peri to Post menopausal woman.

The day will include a nutritious healthy 3 course lunch, and tea and cake will be served in the afternoon just before you leave.

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